About Me

Time to re-write my “About Me” page! I *still* don’t like “About Me” pages. Not reading other people’s, I mean, just filling out my own. I don’t feel like a very interesting person.

Lying in bed with cat.
This is my life now.

I’m a knitter, crocheter, baker, avid reader, tentative gamer, PAX Prime attendee, and internet addict. I’m currently a stay-at-home, no-longer-homeschooling mom of two trying to re-enter the workforce after the better part of a decade out of it. I’m a sort-of website designer (yes, using wordpress for my personal blog because I DO WHAT I WANT and also I’m too lazy to do otherwise.)

We’ve recently moved from the greater Vancouver area to a TEENY TINY town of <400 people in rural Alberta. I’m trying to be OK with it. I’m not quite there yet.