Every couple of years, usually in September, I get the urge to blog. Part of that entails remembering that I already have a blog, going to it, realizing how pathetically out of date it is, getting frustrated at myself for not keeping it up, deleting just about everything on it, starting over, and chastising myself that I simply must make a point of keeping it up this time.

So clearly it’s September again.

I left up the potato leek soup recipe because HOT DAMN THAT WAS SOME GOOD SOUP. Everything else is gone. Why not? Basically everything in my life has changed since the last time I was blogging about it. I still have a husband, 2 kids, and a crotchety black-and-white bowling ball of a cat. That’s about all that remains the same. Dog? Dead. :/ Living in greater Vancouver? NOPE. A town of <400 people in rural Alberta. Homeschooling the kids? NYOOP. They started going to the local school last week. Being a housewife? Nuh-uh. Trying to re-enter the workforce after the better part of a decade out of it. 

I’m still fat but I’m trying to work on that now that I finally have my asthma meds in order and I don’t almost die every time I put in 5 minutes on the treadmill. It’s a surprisingly comforting feeling being out of breath just because you’re a fat, out-of-shape doughball instead of because your lungs are trying to murder you.

I need a car. I guess that’s not new. *shrug*

Have another cat now in lieu of the dog. His name is Philip J. Fry. He is large and orange and fluffy and a total sweetheart. He’s basically as much the opposite of Clarabelle as a fellow feline could be.